Anyone know of any good free pc cleaner/antivirus/registry booster programs?

I need to get my laptop back in to tip top shape and since I am on a tight budget I was wondering if anyone could help me find some free computer enhancing software that may help me do so. I am looking for any type of junk cleaner/ antivirus programs or registry boosing programs. Also if you know of any programs that will enhance speed of computer as wee as interenet connection please let me know thanks!

If you need to fix your registry you can check out a reliable registry cleaner here.


 Anyone know of any good free pc cleaner/antivirus/registry booster programs?

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  1. SuperSwimmer12 says:

    I know there is some kind of cd you can buy that has brushes on the edges. It cleans ur disc drive from dust. It can be used like 500 times for like $12. This also prevents some viruses.
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  2. Vlad D. says:

    A really nice application is "TuneUp Utilities". Try the 2007 version. I recommend it!
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  3. ROHI says:

    Try Supper rabbit by apple
    or avast
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  4. Simon P says:

    Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Avast, Avira and Comodo are all goof free antivirus programs.

    Enhancing software, cleaners and especially registry boosters are all just spam/virus/junk programs. They are the sort of thing the above antiviruses need to be removing.
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  5. The Vampire Muffin Man says:

    First off, I’d like to mention that there is no such thing as a "registry booster". There are only registry tools that find errors or empty keys and let you "clean up" the registry. I always recommend that you only do a registry "cleaning" immediately after performing a full backup image of your hard drive due to the possibility of irreparable damage to your registry…
    That being said, one of the best free utilities for cleaning up your PC is Glary Utilities (CCleaner is also decent, but it’s a little more advanced as it’s default settings often "clean" things like internet site log-in info). It does not have an anti-virus integrated into it as that would be a bad idea anyway. The best anti-virus is going to be a dedicated one without a lot of extraneous functions that don’t help it do it’s job… The best free anti-virus programs are avast! and Avira. I also recommend MalwareBytes for occasional scanning to get rid of any malware you may have picked up (it works best when performing a full scan in Safe Mode). You can also supplement your protection with SuperAntiSpyware…

    Here are some links:
    >> Clean up Utilities:
    Glary Utilities >
    CCleaner >
    >> Anti-virus/anti-malware:
    avast! (use only one anti-virus) >
    Avira (use only one anti-virus) >
    MalwareBytes >
    SuperAntiSpyware >
    >> Backing up your hard drives/partitions:
    Macrium Reflect >

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  6. Shaun S says:

    Antivirus – Avast –
    Trend-Micro 30 day free trial –

    Spyware – Malwarebytes –

    Cleaner – CCleaner –

    BTW I work at a computer repair shop and this is what we use.
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  7. Douz Siang says:

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  8. Pc Gs says:

    There are top 5 registry cleaners softwares’ reviews in 2010.
    Fix your computer error.
    Clean your Registry can make your computer faster
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